---  Rephrase 0.2  ---

add support for recovering passphrases of files encrypted using
'gpg --symmetric'

add support for recovering passphrases of LUKS encrypted volume

add some static (in the sense: "this declaration is only visible in this
compilation unit") modifiers

pass more sensible strings to perror()

fclose() the file pointer to /dev/tty when we've finished using it

fix for platforms where sizeof(int) > 8:
avoid stringifying an `int' into a buffer only large enough for up to
64-bit `int's (otherwise, longer strings would be truncated, causing
(possibly intermittent) failures to find a passphrase)

drop any setgid privileges we may have (rephrase shouldn't be setgid,
but it could be if `binmode' were set to a silly value when installing)

when spawning gpg, use --no-tty as well as --batch (just in case this is
necessary to ensure that output is never written to the terminal)

rename the BINDIR variable (which can be overridden in a `make install'
command) to bindir (to follow GNU standards)

also honour the standard DESTDIR variable (in case that's set when

instead of putting -D options directly in CFLAGS, put them in a DEFS
variable, and include that variable in CPPFLAGS (not in CFLAGS)

avoid operator scope issues with `PATTERN_MAX':
when `PATTERN_MAX' is specified in DEFS, put brackets around its
(user-supplied) value, so that expressions such as `PATTERN_MAX + 1'
will not be misinterpreted if the value supplied for `PATTERN_MAX' is
something silly like `1 << 10'

make install: use `mkinstalldirs' and `install-sh' scripts (instead of
using `mkdir', `rm', `cp' and `chmod' directly); and allow overriding of
`dirmode', `binowner', `bingroup', and `binmode'

declare phony Makefile targets to be `.PHONY'

updates and fixes for the README

change license from GPL 2 to GPL 3

---  Rephrase 0.1  ---